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God Gets You

Packed with hundreds of commentaries, resources and stories, God Gets You looks at how God loves us despite our shortcomings.

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52 Paths to Heaven

Jesus is the only way to heaven, but 52 Paths to Heaven demonstrates how God uses many different experiences to get our attention.

52 Paths to Heaven. Jesus is the only way to heaven, but God uses many different experiences to get our attention.

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You ultimately go to heaven through a relationship with Jesus.

But what happens before the relationship begins?

My new heaven book, 52 Paths To Heaven is one of the latest Jesus books about heaven available today. It explores many of the countless ways God calls to us. In the chapters, I offer some insights and share personal paths the Lord created or allowed to help me find Jesus.

Looking back on my paths to heaven through Jesus, I can see the influence of an atheist, my use of profanity, songs, tender movies, ministers and marriage. In simple and sometimes unusual ways, these paths touched my heart and allowed me to seek God. He conditioned me to desire and know Jesus, to admit my sins and love Jesus for His sacrifice.

God is creative and patient. He finds many ways to get our attention. For one person, a path to heaven becomes obvious when he humbles himself and owns up to the consequences of an addiction. For someone else, it could be a song, friend or a church service.

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