— Isaiah 49:1

God can use abortion in many ways to direct you toward Him.

Maybe you’ve had an abortion and you’re wracked with guilt over your decision. Or, as a man you helped conceive a child and influenced your girlfriend or wife to abort the baby.

As you cope with the ordeal, your thoughts will likely drift toward life and who should decide when a life must end.

The event can still become a pathway to heaven even for a woman who is seemingly content with her decision to murder her baby. It may be months or years before she becomes open to the possibility that the abortion was wrong.

At any time, God may allow other experiences to somehow draw attention to the abortion. Maybe it’s the first birthday party of a niece or the tragic bicycle death of a neighbor’s son.

Abortion can have a profound spiritual effect on people, whether they experience abortion first-hand, know a friend or family member involved with decision, or simply read about the procedure. Studies indicate that there are about 1 million abortions a year in the United States. Any part of the debate can become a pivotal point in someone’s awakening and their next step toward heaven.
Although abortion often is the hideous result of a so-called inconvenient pregnancy, the divisive debate also draws attention to the origin of life. Pundits on both sides love to argue about when an embryo really becomes a human being.

For me, it’s when the male sperm fertilizes the female egg. The result is a human being in formation. One could argue that life has its roots before conception because the Lord says in Psalm 139 that He planned each of us even before we appeared in our mothers’ wombs.
The world is filled with dramatic stories about abortion, including women who have been raped and then opted to have the baby anyway. Clearly, some rape victims’ babies have grown up to be academic scholars, doctors, lawyers, engineers, playwrights, dancers, painters, retail store managers and proud parents of their own children.

Among them is Pam Stenzel, a world renowned abstinence educator who shares a frank message in person and through different media (including the popular DVD, “Sex Still Has A Price Tag”). Co-author of “Sex Has a Price Tag: Discussions About Sexuality, Spirituality, and Self-respect,” Pam writes about her mother’s choice not to abort her.

Just because my father was a rapist doesn’t mean I deserved the death penalty. I’ve never met my biological mother. But someday I hope to. The first thing I’ll say to her is, “Thank you for giving me life. It was the greatest gift you could have given me. And thank you for giving me a loving family, a mother and father to raise me and call me their child. That was the second greatest gift you could have given me.”

Abortion tends to be one of those high-profile pulpit topics. But God finds all sin revolting, including pride, anger, envy and gossip.

Is all abortion wrong? I don’t think so. Doctors should have the right to choose if you have a serious trauma and someone is going to die – the mother or the baby. The situation often comes with moral ambiguities. Who makes the call? Is the mother in a condition to decide?

What I can’t stand is legal language that talks about doctors looking after the mental health of the mother, not her life. Some laws allow for abortions just to protect the long-term emotional needs of women with no provision for their babies.

I think that’s stupid. The debate should be about a woman’s life or death, not how she’ll cope mentally if she has a baby. I have no problem with abortions when a doctor (perhaps with guidance of a family member) makes the best life-saving decision based on available medical data. Why should a mother necessarily die to save a baby? Which person has the best opportunity to live?

If you’ve had an abortion, talk to Him about it. He is about love and forgiveness and grace. Seek the Lord through His son Jesus who died for all of your sins, not just your decision to abort your son or daughter.

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