— Isaiah 49:1

Imagine God using an atheist to guide you toward Him.

Through their words or actions, they can make a difference in your life. They may deny the existence of God, but atheists can play a key role in God‘s ultimate plan for your life.

An atheist, for example, may be involved in any number of social justice causes. The Lord clearly wants us to meet the needs of the oppressed. In Matthew 25, the Lord talks about separating the lambs from the goats. In doing so, He says we’re to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and visit those in prison.

The character of an atheist may be an inspiration to you to sacrifice your personal desires for a stranger.

An atheist mentored me more than 20 years ago. Bruce Larrick, at the time a journalism faculty member at Kent State University, could tell I was too caught up in my own dreams and career ambitions.

Our conversations led me to volunteer in a serious fashion for the first time in my life when I was 22. I joined the Big Brothers & Big Sisters organization and befriended a 14-year-old boy named Michael. Over seven years, I became a “big brother” to five boys in three similar agencies.

Has an atheist made a good impression on you? Without a doubt, atheists can be found everywhere, whether they build homes or campaign against racism. Of course, their good deeds won’t get them into heaven. Kind acts by Christians won’t qualify them either. We’re spared eternal damnation only when we repent for our sins and trust Jesus as our only Savior.

You don’t even need a relationship with an atheist to draw closer to Godthrough the experience. Even the topic of atheism may be enough. Although atheists reject the basic notion of God, they essentially keep a spotlight onGod because their very nature is so closely aligned with Him. In other words, it’s rather difficult to know or think about atheists without simultaneously reflecting on the possibility of God and His place in the universe.

Seek the Lord. He’ll respond to your simple contemplation.

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